Laser Hair Removal Gel

Laser Hair Removal Gel

Which laser hair removal gel is best?

Today, while our masters are doing laser hair removal to our wonderful clients, we want to tell you about the gel that we use for the procedure.

Blue Eco Supergel for IPL procedures has a homogeneous texture and a gel-like mass. Produced under vacuum, this gel contains no microbubbles or additives.

The gel is water soluble and does not stain clothes. Does not contain additives or preservatives that can harm. This gel is specially formulated to enhance conductivity in cosmetic laser treatments.

And a few more words about the Italian-made Seracarta SpA ECO Supergel gel:

  • This gel is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. This gel is used for ultrasound scans in healthcare facilities, so it is 100% tested.
  • This gel additionally cools the skin, which provides additional anesthesia and relieves painful sensations.
  • With the help of the gel, the handpiece of the laser hair removal device easily glides over the skin, which makes it possible to thoroughly treat every part of the body and minimize the risk of burns
  • The gel is a conductor of the laser beam.
  • It is necessary to avoid scattering the beam and conserve its energy.

We invite you to Angel Laser Studio, so that you can independently evaluate our super gel for laser hair removal.

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