Laser KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 NM

Angel Laser Studio works only on the best equipment, namely on the New Generation 2021 devices manufactured in South Korea KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 NM

KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 НМ вmade in Korea is one of the best devices due to the most advanced technological solutions, as well as due to the use of components from the most famous and reliable equipment manufacturers. It uses components made in Germany, Italy, USA, Japan. Thus, diode emitters and the main components of the manipulators are produced by Germany, liquid cooling and water filtration systems use elements manufactured by Italian companies, sapphire crystals are produced in the United States, and switching products are made in Japan.

The KAANI PRINCESS model quickly, effectively and absolutely safely carries out laser hair removal. This type of procedure is one of the manipulations, the successful implementation of which depends on the quality of the equipment used. Using this laser, you can equally easily do epilation on the face or body of blonde hair on pale skin, easily remove thick dark hair with a dark or very tanned surface of the epidermis. It can also be used to effectively remove hair in the armpits or bikini area. KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 NM has a number of features that make it one of the best devices for Laser Hair Removal.

Advantages of the KAANI PRINCESS laser:
— Diode three-wave laser combines 3 lasers: Diode (808 Nm), Alexandrite (755 Nm), Neodymium (1064 Nm)
— Suitable for all skin types and hair colors
— There is an additional cooling system that provides minimal pain. KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 NM is equipped with a cooling manipulator that serves as a light anesthetic. You will feel only a slight tingling and warmth
— KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 NM works without a vacuum nozzle, and therefore does not create additional discomfort and pain.
You can be sure of the quality and safety of the Laser Hair Removal Procedure at Angel Laser Studio!