Laser Removal


Today, laser hair removal is the most effective and safest way to remove hair on any part of the body, be it the face, legs or bikini area. More and more women around the world are turning to laser for help. And thanks to the use of professional equipment from Korea, you do not need to regrow your hair before the procedure, as required by other salons!
With diode laser you can permanently (or for several years, depending on the individual characteristics of each person) get rid of unwanted hair on any part of the body.
Affecting the skin surface as delicately as possible, the laser, in contrast to electro- or elos-epilation, which uses pulses of electric current, does not cause pain during the procedure, and the epilation process takes only a few minutes.

Laser KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 NM


Angel Laser Studio — we work only on the best equipment, namely the devices made in South Korea KAANI PRINCESS 755/808/1064 NM — a recognized world leader in the production of equipment for laser cosmetology and surgery.
Diode three-wave laser combines 3 lasers: Diode (808 Nm), Alexandrite (755 Nm), neodymium (1064 Nm)
Suitable for all skin types and hair colors with an additional cooling system that provides minimal discomfort.
Our laser works without a vacuum nozzle, and therefore does not create additional discomfort and pain.


In most cases, no special action is required before the laser hair removal procedure, but to achieve the maximum effect, we recommend following these simple rules:
— Refuse visits to the beach or solarium 2 weeks before the procedure
— 2-4 weeks before the course of laser hair removal should stop pulling the hair in any way (wax, sugaring, tweezers, mechanical epilator, etc.)
— for 1 day or on the day of visiting the salon shave your hair with a regular razor — the procedure is performed exclusively on smooth skin
— Immediately before the procedure, clean the skin on the body, — where the epilation will be done — no need to use deodorant, foundation, etc.
After the diode laser hair removal procedure, the skin needs a recovery period, so please:
— Refrain from deep peels.
— and do not use hair removal procedures related to root hair removal (wax, tweezers, sugaring or mechanical epilator)
— for 2 weeks, try not to sunbathe under the sun or in the solarium


The effectiveness of laser hair removal has been proven by many years of practice. The most modern and safe laser for this procedure is a diode laser. After the first epilation session, at least 20% of hair follicles on the treated area of the body are destroyed. At the subsequent procedures the result remains, and each new time not less than 15-20% of hair bulbs are destroyed. The epilation procedure is repeated until complete cessation of hair growth. The number of necessary procedures and the intervals between them depend on the structure of the patient’s hair. Different parts of the body may require different repetitions of procedures, but on average the course is from 6 to 10 sessions for women and from 8 to 12 for men. The achieved result lasts a long time, but nevertheless hair follicles have the ability to recover. The recovery period of follicles depends solely on individual characteristics (hormonal background in the first place).


The effectiveness of laser hair removal procedures directly depends on the device on which they are performed. Today, the market is more commonly used four, differing in laser wavelength:
Ruby (694 nm)
Alexandrite (755 nm)
Diode (808 nm)
Neodymium (1064 nm)
Diode is rightly considered the best, because it focuses the rays on the required depth of penetration. When using a diode laser, there is no such heating of the skin as in others.
Diode lasers can be successfully used to remove hair of any color (except gray), and on all skin phototypes: from pale Scandinavian to dark African.
You can find a ruby laser only in the most obsolete models of cosmetic equipment, you can use it with a small share of success, only on fair skin and only to remove dark hair.
Alexandrite laser is still very popular, it can be used to remove not only dark hair, but also the colors of «brown», but not light hair, as well as its use in vain for dark skin. If you decide on a procedure with an alexandrite laser, make sure that your master is qualified, as there is an increased risk of burns.
Neodymium laser differs from all others in the principle of action, it does not affect melanin, but directly on the hair cells in the growth phase (oxyhemoglobin). It, like diode, can be successfully used for all skin types and hair types. But a significant disadvantage is the sufficient pain of the procedures. This laser has found more application for the removal of vascular retinas, warts and treatment of varicose veins.


The principle of operation of laser hair removal is based on the effect on the hair follicle of a narrow beam of light waves of a specially selected length. Penetrating to a depth of 2-3 mm from the skin surface, these waves affect only the bulb (hair root) and do not affect other cells of the epidermis.
In the process of laser hair removal, the melanin contained in the hair absorbs the light directed at it (laser flash), which leads to heating of the hair from the inside and the subsequent destruction of the hair follicle.
After experiencing this effect, the hair soon falls out along with the root, painless and for several years until the natural recovery of the follicle. Part of the hair in the phase of active growth (visible on the surface of the skin) falls out within 2 weeks after the first procedure. The rest of the hair, which at the time of the session was in an inactive phase or in preparation for growth, is removed during repeated procedures (only 6-10 sessions) — when it becomes visible on the skin surface and thus accessible to laser.


Diode laser hair removal is not only an aesthetic beauty and a way to greatly simplify daily body care procedures. There are cases when such hair removal may be the only solution to combat excess hair, and the classic methods of hair removal are simply not applicable due to the individual characteristics of a particular patient. For example, if:
-you have fast and abundant hair growth
-depilation procedures (bioepilation) cause you painful sensations or skin irritation
-you have a lot of ingrown hairs
-after depilation you have the effect of «blue beard»
-you have folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles)
In all these cases, laser hair removal will help you get rid of discomfort, excess hair and greatly simplify and make your life easier.


Before signing up in the procedure, be sure to read the following list of contraindications for which laser hair removal is not recommended or not allowed:
pregnancy and lactation
true photodermatitis
the presence of varicose veins (2 + degree), herpes, psoriasis or keloid scars in the treatment area
hair birthmarks in the treatment area
multiple moles on the body
blood clotting disorders (leukemia)
various forms of diabetes
use of hormonal and some analgesics (mandatory consultation with a doctor)
some types of viral diseases
increased photosensitivity


The first 3 procedures are performed monthly. Then an individual schedule of salon visits will bedeveloped. It can both change and remain unchanged.
Angel Laser Studio specialists discuss the required number of sessions with the client in advance.
To get the maximum result, it is important not to miss sessions and strictly adhere to the schedule.


If you have rapidly recovering follicles and waking dormant hairs, the schedule is set monthly.


The second and third sessions are scheduled with an interval of 1 month. If your hair growth slows down significantly, large areas of smooth skin will appear, such procedures will be performed with a long break. It is usually 1.5-2 months.