How Many Laser Hair Removal Procedures Are Needed

How Many Laser Hair Removal Procedures Are Needed

How many laser hair removal procedures are needed to get rid of unwanted hair … This is one of the questions that interest our clients the most. And we will be happy to answer it.

Why won’t 4 laser hair removal treatments save you from hair forever?

Let’s remember how laser hair removal works: The hair follicle contains hair pigment — melanin, which absorbs light waves. As a result of exposure to laser, melanin, absorbing the energy, heats up and destroys the hair follicle. After 2 weeks, the hair shaft, together with the dead «root», falls out.

Some of the hair follicles are in a dormant state (approximately 80-90%), and some are in an active state (10-20%). During the first session, we remove hair that is in the active stage of growth (10-20%), and in the following procedures, hair that was in the dormant phase is gradually awakened and removed (on average 10%).

By simple mathematical calculations, you can understand that, on average, 9-10 laser hair removal procedures are required for high-quality hair removal.

After completing the course, it remains to enjoy the result and come for a correction every 6 months.

Please note that for each client, the master individually selects the schedule and the number of procedures, depending on the personal characteristics of the body, the type of skin and hair.

Do not trust unscrupulous masters who promise to get rid of unwanted hair forever in 4 procedures. It is better not to save money on health.

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